Startup Challenge Amman 2017
3 – 4 May 2017 / Amman, Jordan

The Fincluders Startup Challenge promotes and showcases innovative fintech startups that bolster financial inclusion and bring better, fairer and more inclusive financial services to small businesses and retail customers.

The Competition

Check out what the competition is all about and what eight categories the participating startups should address.


15 exciting fintech startups have been selected to compete in the final pitching event in Amman. Find out exactly what each one of them does.

Sponsors & Partners

The Fincluders sponsors and partners are hugely important to help our fintech for financial inclusion heroes get off the ground.


Who initiated the Fincluders Startup Challenge Amman? And what is the idea behind this event? Find out who the SANAD Technical Assistance Facility and Oasis500 are.

Jury & Mentors

The leading cast of mentors, jury and speakers will bring a huge amount of expertise and knowledge to the Fincluder competitors and attending guests.


A program packed tight with knowledge, networking, expertise and pitching will highlight what fintech can do for financial inclusion in the MENA region.

Initiator and Sponsor:

Strategic partner: